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About Us

Biography: Damien Namkung is a life-long artist and 44th recorded generation of Namkungs. His father, Paul Namkung, came to the USA as a Korean immigrant and inspired Damien's artistic development through his own passion for wooden drums, also known as Cajons. Damien has explored a variety of artistic mediums. Glass, paints, pen and ink, murals, stone, wood, and metals; to name a few. Each has contributed to his current inspiration, Yakisugi, also known as Shou Sugi Ban. Damien is inspired by the texture of the wood and the grain is like a fingerprint, making each piece unique. Working with the dynamics of fire and lively colors is extremely satisfying to the artist.

South Palace Studio:  With a desire to improve his woodworking skills, Damien created South Palace Studio. South Palace is the English translation of Namkung. South Palace Studio is exploring the ancient process of Yakisugi to which Damien adds his own aesthetic. The studio is a family-run business with three generations efforts to bring you these one-of-a-kind creations. 

Mission:  The mission of South Palace Studio is to provide beautiful and useful objects which enhance others lives. Damien strives to push a traditional process in new directions and create each item with care, individuality, and a
new perspective. South Palace Studio encourages everyone to make more art and recognize the beauty in natural, handmade items.